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What are you waiting for? List now.

The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, the birds are singing. Well, almost. Spring is around the corner and those sellers that have been holding off "until spring" to list their house, have started to make contact with their local real estate agent or home stager to get advice on the must -dos in order to get their house ready for the market to present it in the best light to buyers. That said, no need to hold off until 100% of the snow is melted, houses sell all year long. If the house is ready, and you're ready now, LIST.

Traditionally many home sellers will wait until the days are longer and the weather is warmer before they list their house for sale on the market. The key word here is "many". You and every other home seller are waiting for the "perfect weather" to activate the listing. More houses go on the market in the spring, and inventory is higher. When your house is listed in the spring, you most likely have more competition out there for a buyer's attention.

Buyers are buying all year long. It takes a pretty motivated buyer to drive through a snowstorm or below zero temperatures for a showing. When buyers are looking in the winter months, typically there is an added motivator there that is compelling them to do so, otherwise they'd probably hold off "until spring" like their seller counterparts. A job transfer, new addition to the family, or any number of reasons might be compelling their home search "earlier" than spring buyers. When the weather heats up we tend to see many more buyers requesting showings, and a greater percentage we find are not looking for an immediate purchase, and rather are "just looking". With that "just looking" comes a tendancy to schedule lots of showings because there's so much more to look at. Therefore, while you may see notice a greater deal of showings for your house, the ultimate goal continues to be offers made on the house, and finally, closings.

To illustrate, according to the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service, in March 2015 there were 14,524 listings in Connecticut and 1569 sales. In May 2015 there were 18,696 active listings and 2046 sales. More listings, more competition for the buyer's attention. While there were close to 4000 more active listings, there were about only 500 more sales. The season doesn't necessarily guarantee a sale, rather pricing and positioning your home to strategically be marketed against the competition will.

One strategy is to list "ahead" of the spring real estate market. Buyers that are looking now are waiting for houses to come on the market. Those that are motivated to buy are scheduling showings and making offers. Buyers buy and houses sell all year long. If you're ready now, list now, and be in your new place before the grill gets brought out for the Memorial Day picnic.

Melissa Rolland is a licensed Connecticut realtor. She lives in Tolland, along with her husband Todd, a licensed broker. Together they manage the Rolland Realty Group at Keller Williams Realty. You can connect with them at


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