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Pre-Unpacking Tasks that Will Make You Happier in your New Home

The still-packed-moving-boxes are piled all over the house, and it’s been an exhausting day. You attended your closing, got a set of keys, and took pictures in front of your new house with a “Sold” sign. Now, here you sit, eating pizza, after unloading the moving truck, wondering where to start unpacking. Before you decide where to hang your tv set or in which cupboard the coffee cups will go, here’s ten pre-unpacking tasks that will make you happier in your new home, and that you’ll be glad you took the time to do, once you’re settled in.

  1. Remove popcorn ceilings: There’s not that much that dates a home more than popcorn ceilings, whose popularity exploded in the 50s thru the 80s for the relative easiness to install and ability to hide imperfections. Many new homeowners decide to remove the popcorn ceiling because they’re difficult to repair, hard to clean, and catch dust easily. Removing popcorn ceilings is a pretty dirty job, and much easier to complete without furniture and knick-knacks in the way.
  2. Identify and fix any water damage: Before redoing the ceilings, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve checked this off of the list as it relates to the roof and any staining that’s been seen. Other areas of note are water leaks under sinks, toilets, from the washer, or in the basement.
  3. Exterminate pests: Mice, wasps, ants, etc. If you’ve noticed pest activity, have it taken care of before you unload your belongings so that the pests don’t find a new “home” to move in to (your stuff!)
  4. Identify and fix termite damage: Termites eat away at the structure of you home, and extensive termite damage can cause roofs, ceilings, or floors to collapse.
  5. Clean the windows: Easier to do before the curtains are up!
  6. Deep clean or refinish the floors: Another messy job; and facilitated with an empty or sparse room.
  7. Paint: A fresh coat will instantly brighten your space, and, will literally have you putting your “mark” on your new house.
  8. Unclog the dryer vent: A neglected clothes dryer vent may cause your dryer to work inefficiently, and worse yet, can pose a fire risk.
  9. Deep clean the garage: Removing the cobwebs, sweeping the floor, and organizing any left behind tools or machinery from the previous owners will ensure that there’s plenty of space for your belongings, and that it’s cleaned out for your vehicles.
  10. Sanitize the kitchen and baths: A good scrub down of the kitchen and the bathrooms will make you feel more comfortable and “at home”; you’ll be certain you’re starting out with a clean space.
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